Best YouTube Studio Setup

Canon 90D

The Canon 80D was already great, but this one is even better. Packed with featured, the new 90D FINALLY has 4K video recording and Movie Digital Image Stabilization!

Probably the only DSLR you’ll ever need for YouTube.

Get it now (paid link, Amazon DE)

Canon EF-S 35 mm F/2.8 Macro IS STM

With this lens, you can film macro at 1:1, portraits and B-rolls no problem. Probably one of the most versatile prime lens in your arsenal.

Oh, it’s stabilized and it has a silent focus system, too.

Get it now (paid link, Amazon FR)

GoPro 8

If you already have the GoPro 7, there’s really no reason to upgrade. But if you don’t, the Hyper Smooth feature will blow your mind.

Who needs a drone or a gimbal?

Get it now (paid link, Amazon DE)

GoPro 8 Charger and Battery

The GoPro is a great tool, but let’s be honest: the battery sucks. 70-80 mins of recording time is simply not enough.

Get a spare battery and an external charger – and thank me later.

Get it now (paid link, Amazon DE)

Manfrotto Befree GT XPRO Aluminum

If you’ve been using a tripod often, you know just how important having a sturdy tripod is. This one as a swiveling column, which makes recording closeup shots super easy.

Don’t skimp on a good tripod, you’ll regret it. This one rocks.

Get it now (paid link, Amazon DE)

AmazonBasics DSLR Bag

Photography bags: there are million of them and they cost a fortune. I decided to go with 2 of these, and seriously they do the job just fine. For 1/10 of the price of the big boys.

Get the orange one: it’s so much easier to spot your gear in dark environments.

Get it now (paid link, Amazon DE)