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4 Things That Happen When You Get 1,000 YouTube Subscribers (And 4 That Don’t)

Did you just hit 1,000 subscribers on YouTube? Congratulations!

Now, you may have heard many things that happen (or don’t) when you get 1,000 subscribers.

And if that’s your first YouTube channel, maybe you don’t know what’s true and what’s not.

In this article, I’ll show you exactly what you can expect.


4 Things That Happen When You Get 1,000 Subscribers

So, what happens when you get 1,000 subscribers on YouTube?

  1. You get a congratulation email
  2. You’re now part of the Opal club
  3. You can apply for the YouTube Partner Program
  4. Your channel’s subscriber count display format changes

1. You get a congratulation email

Just a few days after you hit the milestone, you will receive an email congratulating you for reaching 1,000 subscribers.

In the grand scheme of things, a 1,000 subscribers channel is really small on YouTube.

Yet, you still did better than millions of other channels who will never reach that milestone.

So it’s cool to see that YouTube acknowledges that you’re now part of “the club”.

In that email, you’ll receive this GIF image:

youtube 1000 subscribers email gif
The GIF image that you receive in the email Youtube sends you when you hit 1,000 subscribers

As they say, this really is bananas.

You’ve probably waited for this moment for a long time – months, sometimes years. Enjoy it and treat yourself!

Now, why doesn’t YouTube send you that email right away? I don’t know for sure, but I would say that:

  • Their system makes sure to wait and see if your subscriber count continues to grow, and that was not a fluke
  • Then, their email servers have to handle a lot of requests. Important emails (such as platform policy changes, among others) are more important and are sent in priority.

2. You’re now part of the Opal club

The Opal Club is a club reserved for creators whose channels have between 1,000 and 9,999 subscribers.

Welcome to the club!

Now, in practical terms, being part of the Opal Club doesn’t grant you any more benefit than a creator with less than 1,000 subscribers.

This is just an honorable mention for your achievement.

Still, take the time to check the Opal Club page where you’ll find information about how to:

  • Get discovered: you’ll learn how to use metadata or how to collaborate to get more impressions and views
  • Grow your community: guidelines about how to interact with your viewership, on YouTube or other platforms
  • Get insights with analytics: making sense of YouTube analytics to find opportunities of growth

These 3 topics are courses that you can enroll at any time.

youtube get discovered course
The “Get Discovered” course featured on the Opal Club page

The cool thing is that this information and these courses (in video format) are available to everyone. You don’t have to get 1,000 subscribers in order to access and complete them.

So if you want to grow your channel faster and have a better understanding of YouTube as a platform, I highly suggest that you check out the Opal Club page.

3. You can apply for the YouTube Partner Program

… or YPP for short.

But only if you also have at least 4,000 hours of watch time!

As a matter of fact, getting 1,000 subscribers is not enough to get accepted in the YouTube Partner Program.

In addition to having 1,000 subscribers, your channel will need 4,000 watch hours (or 240,000 minutes) in the 12 months preceding your application.

youtube monetisation 1000 subscribers 4000 watch hours

I took this screenshot on one of my channels a few days after it hit 1,000 subscribers.

As you can see, at some point I had more than 1,000 subs, but less than 4,000 hours of watch time.

If that’s the case, your application to the YPP won’t be reviewed just yet.

So what can you in the meantime?

  • review and accept the terms and conditions of the YouTube Partner Program
  • link your Google AdSense account
  • stay focused and keep publishing videos

As soon as your channel reaches the 4,000 hours milestone, your application will be processed. And you should get notified about your acceptance a few weeks later.

4. Your channel’s subscriber count display format changes

This might be a subtle difference… but it makes all the difference in the world!

You will go from “999” to “1.00K”, and it will look like this:

youtube subscribers count format
Your YouTube subscriber count, before and after you get 1,000 subscribers.

Why is important?

Not only can you be proud of your achievement, but it will signal something different to your viewership.

The more people are subscribed to your channel, the more new viewers are inclined to join as a subscriber.

The reason is simple:

New viewers think that if people are subscribed, that’s because that channel is posting great content and enjoyable videos.

So the bigger your subscriber count gets, the more you can convert viewers into subscribers.

And getting that “1.00K” count format certainly helps: 2 of my channels reached that milestone, at which point the growth accelerated. Many other YouTube channels report the same phenomenon, too.

Now, don’t expect a massive growth all of a sudden, or a huge spike in views – YouTube is a patience game.

4 Things That Don’t Happen When You Get 1,000 Subscribers

Here are some things that DON’T happen when you reach 1,000 subscribers. Or at least, not straight away.

What are they?

  1. Gaining access to the YouTube community tab
  2. Gaining access To YouTube Spaces
  3. Receiving a YouTube Play Button award
  4. Getting paid

1. Gaining access to the YouTube community tab

The Community Tab is a great way to engage with your YouTube audience without posting a video.

It actually feels and looks a lot like Twitter – only built in YouTube:

youtube community tab roberto blake
Roberto Blake’s Community Tab

In this particular instance, Roberto Blake used his Community Tab to create a poll. As you can see, This one got 1.4K votes!

Now, the YouTube help pages tell you “It will take up to 1 week to see the Community tab after passing 1,000 subscribers.”

In fact, you won’t see the Community tab pop up as soon as you hit the 1K subs milestone.

I guess YouTube is checking some things on your channel (manually or automatically) before granting you access.

Just wait a few more days and you’ll get there.

2. Gaining access To YouTube Spaces

YouTube Spaces are filming facilities that are located around the world (New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, London, Paris, …).

YouTube creators can access these free of charge (with a few requirements).

youtube space new york
The YouTube Space in New York. Keep working, and you’ll get here eventually!

But if you’ve read or heard that you can access them with only 1,000 subscribers, I’m sorry to disappoint: this is not true.

You will have to have at least 10,000 subscribers to get the “Unlock the Space” orientation and ultimately access the spaces.

YouTube Spaces are available in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Tokyo and Rio. There are also pop-ups all over the world.

Now, it doesn’t mean you can’t hang out around your nearest YouTube Space to try and spot one of your favorite YouTubers.

Just don’t expect to get in and start shooting just yet.

(Learn more about Youtube Spaces.)

3. Receiving a YouTube Play Button award

So here is the bad news:

There is no such thing as a 1,000 subscribers Play Button award!

(By the way, there is no award if your channel hits 10,000 subscribers either.)

In YouTube terms, 10K subscribers still make for a pretty small channel.

So whether you have 1K or 10K subscribers, you will have to work quite a bit more… The first reward is for channels that reach 100K subscribers!

By the way, even if the Play Button is a great reward, the best reward is actually to have a way to express yourself and have a community that supports you.

This is priceless…

Not only do you need to get at least 4,000 hours of watch time in the previous 12 months in order to apply for the YPP (YouTube Partner Program).

But you won’t be accepted right away either (as we saw earlier).

Back in late 2018, being accepted for the YPP took AGES.

I was lucky enough to only have to wait 2 months. But some YouTubers have reported having to wait for more than 6 months!

The time it takes the YPP teams to review your channel seems to have decreased as of early 2019.

But just to manage expectation, I still wouldn’t trust YouTube to give you an answer within 30 days of your submission,.

Another important factor to bear in mind:

Assuming you’re accepted in the YPP, subscribers don’t get you any money – views do.

And past video views don’t count, sorry. So make sure to publish more quality content.

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