unfuck your anger

Unf*ck Your Anger Book by Dr. Faith G. Harper

by Alessandro Perta

When I saw this book on Kickstarter, I had to find headlines for it!



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Actually, I’ll try to find subheadlines.

I feel the title of the book is very strong (I love it). And it makes for a perfect headline if it was a blog post, too. No messin’ with what’s workin’.


(Why am I yelling?)

The Headlines

  1. If you get angry real easy real fast, it’s because of your brain (not you)
  2. Here is why you get angry
  3. You don’t get angry… your brain does!
  4. Do this to make sure your brain makes you completely freak out
  5. How to not freak out when you freak out
  6. How to tell your brain to STFU (and stop being mad)
  7. Anger is needed… just not THAT MUCH!
  8. You have the right to be angry. Just put it to good use.
  9. Be angry, and do something great with it
  10. How to be angry in a constructive way
  11. How to be angry without being mad
  12. Anger is not always bad. It’s only bad if you completely freak out.
  13. You didn’t learn how to properly get angry in school. Learn now.
  14. The definitive guide to getting angry (and not snap)
  15. Anger management: the ultimate guide to stay zen and sane
  16. At last! Science explains why you get mad, and how to stay zen
  17. Welcome to the anger school, where you learn how to be angry and not freak out
  18. Here is what to do when you get angry
  19. Don’t freak out: it’s [okay/good] to be angry!
  20. DON’T keep calm and carry on anyway
  21. This book will teach you how to be angry (seriously)
  22. Read this book and you’ll never be angry ever again
  23. Read this book and transform your anger into a positive change
  24. Anger is great – if you do something positive about it
  25. Anger can change you for the best. Here is how.
  26. How to get angry like a boss
  27. How to get angry and feel good about it
  28. How to lose your shit like a gentleman
  29. How get angry and not lose your shit
  30. You don’t know how to (properly) get angry. Here is why.
  31. Stop being angry (and do this instead).
  32. You can’t stop getting angry. Here is why (and what to do about it)
  33. The science behind getting angry, forgiving, and changing for the better
  34. The science of being mad
  35. Are you angry or cool? Don’t choose!
  36. When you’re angry, choose to be cool
  37. How change can emerge from being angry
  38. Stop putting up with anger
  39. Here is everything you need to know about getting angry
  40. Anger is your best friend
  41. Meet your new change trigger: anger
  42. The mood that makes you keep your cool: ANGER!
  43. Get angry right the first time
  44. Anger is devastating for your mood and relationships. Or is it?
  45. Snap without scaring your [parents/spouse/friends]
  46. Why being angry is actually GOOD for you
  47. These 9 rage triggers will put your brain into anger mode
  48. “What the hell was that?” Learn to be angry and be cool about it
  49. How to be angry without loosing your cool
  50. How to be angry without destructing yourself
  51. Cool is the new angry
  52. If anger makes you depressed, here is what to do about it
  53. Anger can you make you depressed. Here is how to fix it.
  54. Snapping at people isn’t helpful. Here is what to do instead.
  55. Put anger in the trash once and for all
  56. You don’t need to act angry to be angry
  57. No need to be angry about being angry
  58. How to be angry… and not be angry about it
  59. Why anger shows you what’s wrong in your life, and what to do about it.
  60. How to get angry even if you don’t like being angry
  61. Then zen guide for angry people
  62. How to keep your cool for dummies
  63. How to tame your anger and put it to work
  64. How anger can help you discover what’s wrong in your life
  65. Make anger your new best friend, and discover how to make it work for you
  66. The change agent nobody expected: anger
  67. Be happy to be angry
  68. Don’t let anger destroy you
  69. Here is how anger makes you sick
  70. 9 ways to get angry without getting mad
  71. How to stop being angry in 5 minutes without boiling inside
  72. Read this if you can’t stand being angry
  73. We can’t make you stop getting angry. But we can show you what do to with it.
  74. How anger can be a tool for self development
  75. Personal growth through anger
  76. Be cool about your rage
  77. Being angry: it’s not so bad after all
  78. Learn what are the rage triggers and regain control of your cool
  79. How to stay cool in every situation (even when you’re boiling inside)
  80. Boiling on the inside and cool on the outside: it’s possible!
  81. How to secretly boil inside without losing your cool
  82. Stop being frustrated, and start being aware
  83. Angry? There’s nothing wrong with you – learn why
  84. When being angry is not cool
  85. The ultimate guide to getting mad and not make you sick
  86. Become a master at being mad without acting mad
  87. How to become the coolest mad person around
  88. How to be the best angry person around
  89. Good things come to those who get angry (the right way)
  90. Does your anger make you mad… or wise?
  91. The wise man’s guide to being angry
  92. Everybody gets angry. Some people are just way better at managing it.
  93. Are you angry? Join the zen club.
  94. The secret technique zen monks use to always stay cool
  95. How to keep your cool in any circumstance
  96. This mental reframe will make you go from super angry to super zen
  97. Please don’t read this book if you want to screw your relationships
  98. How to identify what makes you angry in everyday situations, and how to deal with it
  99. Deal with it: your anger is not a fatality
  100. A foolproof step-by-step guide to managing your anger when it arises
  101. Here is why you’ll love getting angry
  102. Read this book, and the next time you’ll be angry, you’ll thank me
  103. Calm people get angry too. They just deal with their anger way better. You can too.
  104. Learn these 9 rage triggers, and you’ll never get mad ever again

Completed in 47:17 (in 2 sittings).

How It Felt

I think it’s a win overall.

Not only it was fast (like VERY fast… weird), but I think I have quite a few great propositions here.

I think digging my favorite headlines could yield even better ones.

But I really, really like #42: “The mood that makes you keep your cool: ANGER!

(It has a bit of an Insanity Wolf vibe to it.)

What I Learned

  • I haven’t written headlines for the past few days, and I think it helped with my speed today…
  • or maybe that’s because of the tone of voice of the author. I love the way she writes about this serious topic in a very informal, slang, and sometimes vulgar way.
  • Tone of voice can make or break a headline (and the interest in a topic, too)
  • Writing subheadlines for books is VERY fun!

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