Why I Give My Tips Away “for Free”

by Alessandro Perta

You may wonder why I give many of my tactics, tips and tricks “for free” on Misfit Hustler.

And I’m glad you asked.

In this post, I’m breaking down what it’s in it for me.

The truth about “free content”

Nothing of value is free.

If you ever came across a content creator that says they’re “just” giving away their content for free, they’re lying.

Plain and simple.

There is strictly no point in creating anything if you don’t get something in return.

Now, what people want in return for their content is completely up to them. It could be for example:

  • enjoyment – that would be the case for a hobby, for example
  • altruism – some people feel good when they help others
  • money – with ad revenue, affiliate commissions, online courses, …
  • recognition – being acknowledged for their work
  • access – being able to attend special events or meet other people

Now, I don’t have the pretension to know every reason why people give their stuff away for free.

But as you just saw, there’s always a good reason to. And money is not the only one.

What’s in it for me

Passive income (aka money)

In December 2017, I decided to create an online business that could generate a (full) passive income.

The goal: create a valuable asset and have more time for my personal projects (eventually).

Now, don’t get the wrong idea.

Passive income doesn’t mean you work for a few months, and then you’re set for life.

Passive income is just a way of decoupling when you create value (aka work), and when you profit from it.

And of course, that value has to make money (or else it’s not a passive income).

If you wonder how Misfit Hustler and my other businesses make money without you paying anything, here is how:

Ad revenue

There are ads on my blog posts and YouTube videos.

Every time an ad is displayed on my content, I get a very small amount of money.

Every ad displayed is only worth a fraction of a cent. But the sheer volume of ads makes it a profitable revenue stream.

How you pay: with your attention (aka a bit of your time)

Advertisers pay to put products and services in front of your eyeballs.

  • Every ad displayed generates revenue
  • Every ad clicked generates more revenue

On a side note: when you use ad blockers, you’re effectively hurting quite a big part of your favorite creator’s income.

If you want to support them, don’t block ads.

I know ads are a pain in the neck. But you’re just trading a few seconds of your attention for free, enjoyable content that took hours or days to create.

Seems like a good deal to me!

Affiliate links

In some of my blog posts, you may find affiliate links.

These are special links to other websites that sell a product, software or service I recommend.

When you use that link, the website knows you came from here.

How you pay: with a purchase on the website I link to

If you buy something on a website after clicking an affiliate link, I get a commission on the sale.

It doesn’t cost you more.

Instead, the seller just gives me a commission for helping them make a sell easier.

Disclaimer: I only recommend products, software or services I tried myself and find good and useful.

Online courses and digital downloads

Online courses take a lot more time to make and pack a lot more information than digital downloads.

But they both:

  • share strategies and tactics you see nowhere else (or are downright secret)
  • generate (a lot) more revenue than your typical free content

In both cases, you create them once and can sell them for a long time.

Of course, you need to update them, but that happens twice a year at most.

How you pay: by paying for my premium content

Well, actually you can’t yet.

In fact, I don’t sell online courses or digital downloads at this time.

  • I have too many ideas for online courses, and I have to pick the one that will make the most impact for you and for me.
  • I have a few ideas for digital downloads, namely spreadsheets. I’ll see if it makes sense to sell them or give them away for free.

But that’s definitely one income stream I’m considering for the future.


The more I get:

  • page views (here) and Google rankings
  • video views (on YouTube) and YouTube rankings
  • revenue

… the more I can share how I did it.

In turn, this will build my authority in the online business and passive income niche even more.

What’s the point, you say?

Having authority allows me to sell more one-on-one coaching sessions and get more keynote speaking gigs.

(I LOVE speaking gigs.)

How you pay:

1. By reading my articles and watching my videos

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

2. By working with me

If you need me to:

  • coach you on a specific topic to make your online business more profitable
  • give a keynote speech about business strategy, online business, digital marketing and communication

I’d be happy to help you.


Let’s be honest: I wouldn’t do all this if I didn’t like it.

I like strategy, marketing, communication, SEO, building websites, WordPress, YouTube, and building online businesses to generate a passive income.

And I can’t stand corporate talk and the usual BS you hear all year long about strategy, marketing and communication.

So put all of the above in a shaker and shake vigorously, and you have Misfit Hustler.

How you pay: by following my advice and sharing my content

There’s nothing you can do to make me shut my big mouth 😀

But you can definitely:

  • help yourself by following the advice I share (based on personal experience and fails)
  • help me by sharing my content to someone who may find it useful – that would mean the world to me

How you can support Misfit Hustler

If you want to help, here are the 2 most important things you can do:

  • read my articles or watch my videos
  • share my content to someone who may find it useful

This is priceless.

And if you want to support Misfit Hustler even more, you can:

  • disable your ad blocker on my content (please do the same for your favorite content creators, we all need the ad revenue)
  • buy a coaching session
  • hire me for a speaking gig
  • recommend me for coaching or speaking

From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!