The No-BS Amazon Affiliate Commission Calculator

by Alessandro Perta

“You can EASILY make $300 of passive income a day with a simple website and Amazon Affiliate commissions.”

You’ll see a lot of these claims on the Internet – along with so-called “Amazon Affiliate Commission Calculators”.

They say you “only” need 5000 monthly page views on your website to make $1000 a month – I call BS.

But don’t take my word for it, and see for yourself using my No-BS Amazon Affiliate Commission Calculator below.

Your monthly passive income goal $
Typical item price in your niche $
Amazon fee
typical = 4%, low = 1%, high = 10%
Amazon conversion rate
typical = 5%, low = 1%, high = 15%
Your affiliate links CTR
typical = 7%, low = 2%, high = 20%

(Just change your monthly passive income goal if you’re not sure about the other values)

Result: these numbers are…

LEGIT (read details below)

DIFFICULT (read details below)

BS! (read details below)

LEGENDARY BS! (read details below)

With these values, you’ll get a $ commission per item sold. This means people will have to buy items on Amazon to generate $ of monthly passive income.

You’ll need clicks on your website to get these many sales, and monthly page views to get these many clicks.

Whoever told you you can make this much passive income ONLY with Amazon Affiliate commissions is right.

To make these numbers work, you need less than 35,000 monthly page views on your website.

And that's possible in just about 12 months, even if you have limited experience with content writing.

Now, don't forget:

  • it's still a lot of work
  • your website will never attract that much traffic from day 1 (obviously)

Google takes time to test and trust your content. So write the best content you can, and be patient.

If you write the right content the right way, you can reasonably make this happen in 12 months - probably 24 if you've never created content before.

Now, would I put all my eggs in one basket and make a website monetized only with the Amazon Affiliate Program? Hell no!

You're better off diversifying your revenue streams - and that's why I don't advocate for affiliate sites.

But rather, building an online business right from the start.

Whoever told you you can make this much passive income ONLY with Amazon Affiliate commissions:

  • is VERY good - and has probably been doing it for years
  • is somewhat good but is inflating their results to sell you something

To make these numbers work, you need between 35,000 and 100,000 monthly page views on your website.

That's difficult. But that's possible if you:

  • know exactly what you're doing
  • pump out really good content, real fast
  • focus your efforts only on the right keywords

Now, don't be blinded by a huge monthly passive income goal if that's your first try.

There's a lot of competition out there, and you only have limited time to create content anyway.

Of course, you'll always find people who reach around 100,000 monthly page views in 12 months.

But their website is clearly not the norm, and they know what they're doing - don't be fooled.

If that's still your goal, here are some tips:

  • aim for a timeframe of at least 24 months and write epic content without stopping
  • consider starting a YouTube channel to get more views overall (put your links in the description and “sell” them in your video)
  • Learn copywriting and SEO as soon as possible

Whoever told you you can make this much passive income ONLY with Amazon Affiliate commissions:

  • has a somewhat popular YouTube channel to help their website with views
  • know EXACTLY what they're doing, or...
  • is lying

To make these numbers work, you need between 100,000 and 300,000 monthly page views on your website.

There is no way you can generate this much traffic in 12 months if that's your first site - it's so unlikely that you shouldn't even try.

Getting more than 100,000 monthly views on any website is a real achievement. And that only happens after YEARS of posting good content regularly.

So if you're just starting out, I'm sorry to crush your dreams, but this will not happen.

If you want to grow THAT quickly, you're better off focusing all your efforts on YouTube. The YouTube ads revenue quickly outweighs Amazon commissions anyway.

Whoever told you you can make this much passive income ONLY with Amazon Affiliate commissions:

  • has a popular YouTube channel to help their website with views
  • have been doing this for years, or...
  • is lying

To make these numbers work, you need at least 300,000 monthly page views on your website.

That traffic is a huge achievement even for long-established websites. So getting them in just 12 months is impossible if you're starting out - sorry.

The only way you could generate so many monthly views is to also have a POPULAR YouTube channel related to your website - generating at least 300,000 monthly views together.

I would actually begin with YouTube, because YouTube growth is so much faster than the Google organic traffic growth.

(And the YouTube ad revenue quickly outweighs Amazon commissions anyway.)

Of course, it's possible to generate these many monthly views, but only if:

  • you're in for the long game - plan to spend at least 3 to 5 years doing this
  • you have a website AND a YouTube channel, pumping out blog posts and videos consistently and regularly (at least once a week)
  • your content is very good and gets recommended by the YouTube algorithm

So, is it possible? Like (almost) all things in life: yes.

But is it probable? Not at all - we're talking about the 0.5% here... Try to divide your monthly passive income goal by 10 and see what happens.

Have fun with MY numbers

If you plug my numbers for July 2019 into the calculator:

  • $350 of monthly Amazon Affiliate commissions
  • $42 average item price
  • 4% average Amazon fees
  • 1% average Amazon conversion rate
  • 6.9% effective links CTR'll see my claims are in the LEGENDARY BS territory.

But don't forget my Amazon Affiliate commissions come from a website AND a YouTube channel.

That month, I got:

  • 36,897 page views (website)
  • + 263,720 video views (YouTube)
  • = 300,617 monthly total views

(That's pretty close to the calculated 301,449 views!)

Most of the credit goes to my YouTube channel - without it, there is no way I could generate $350 a month with Amazon Affiliate commissions.


Of course, you can make $1000 and more with Amazon Affiliate commissions.

But just because it's possible doesn't mean it's probable - especially if you're just starting out and don't have the required skillset.

Earning a lot of money from Amazon commissions is only possible if you get exceptional link CTRs and Amazon conversion rates.

And that can only happen if you know EXACTLY what you're doing:

  • you picked the right niche
  • you picked the right keywords
  • you optimized your content for CTR
  • you've published content like a madman (and continue to do so)
  • you probably know a lot about SEO, copywriting, WordPress, ...

So while it can be done, don't expect to strike gold just yet if you're just building your first site.

Because if:

  • you haven't published at least 30-50 posts, or
  • your content is of poor (editorial or technical) quality, or
  • your site is not even 6 months old or
  • worst of all - you picked the wrong niche or keywords

...your website traffic will not grow - plain and simple.

And when it does, chances are you won't be able to best convert it into paying Amazon customers easily.

The truth about Amazon

Sure, people (may) buy more items than the one you link on Amazon.

But 90% of the time, their cart only contains a few items (3 or less), and affordable ones at that.

Read: the commissions still won't amount to a million dollars a year (or even $300 a day) anytime soon.

I know you want to believe that it's EASY and QUICK to make money with the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Trust me: it's not.

Those who make a full-time income with it have been honing their skills for years...

So if that's your goal, start learning how to start an online business.

Should you let go of the Amazon Affiliate Program altogether?

The Amazon Affiliate Program could be shut down at any time by Amazon. If (when?) that happens:

  • Your revenue? Gone, overnight.
  • Your SEO and copywriting skills? They'll help you for the rest of your life

For example, here is a typical yearly Amazon commission rates cut... ouch.

That's why:

  • having ONLY one website and
  • monetizing it ONLY the Amazon Affiliate Program

is a recipe for disaster. You need a better monetization strategy. You need to diversify your content and your revenue streams!

So don't buy the hype or crazy claims, and get it right the first time.