monetization video headlines

My YouTube Video on Monetization

by Alessandro Perta

When I started this whole “passive income” thing, my projects were doomed to fail.


Because they were not in a profitable niche – I didn’t think about how to properly monetize them!

I would take me weeks before realizing the content and websites I created were never going to generate any income.

monetization video headlines

Big mistake.

Before writing a single word or recording a single video, it’s crucial that you know how you will monetize your project!

(Unless it’s only for fun and you don’t mind wasting time, but I assume that you’re here for business purposes).

I’m planning to write an article about this and record the related YouTube video.

So you don’t waste time and money on a niche (or angle) that will never make you any money.

And when I do, I want to have a headline ready for it (specifically the YouTube video).

Here are my 100 attempts.

The Headlines

  1. How to never earn money online
  2. Forget about everything you’ve heard about monetizing your blog
  3. Stop putting Amazon affiliate links everywhere! (and do this instead)
  4. Failed passive income attempts – confessions of a digital marketer
  5. Are you making these 9 fatal mistakes with your blog?
  6. Your blog might never make any money. Discover why.
  7. Those niches that bring no money: how to recognize them
  8. Would you rather have $2.5 or $25 RPM? How to monetize your website
  9. These 5 mistakes will cost you YEARS in trying to make money online
  10. How I lost months by NOT asking myself these 9 crucial questions about monetization
  11. Absolutely everything you wanted to know about blog monetization
  12. Passive income: it’s not as sexy as it seems
  13. Passive income works. Just not the way you think it does.
  14. Aspiring digital marketers: these are the 9 questions you MUST answer to make money online
  15. 9 must-answer questions to monetize a blog
  16. Tired, frustrated and demotivated: the truth behind passive income
  17. How to monetize a website when you never wrote a single article in your life
  18. How to monetize a website and not wait 18 months to see your first sale
  19. Make your first sale in 3 months flat: how to monetize a blog
  20. The path to earning a full income online is long. Take a shortcut with these 9 tactics.
  21. I wish I answered these 9 questions about monetization before starting a blog
  22. Passive income: the ultimate checklist
  23. The ultimate guide to monetizing your website and YouTube channel
  24. Forget to answer those 9 questions and you’ll never make money online
  25. Been trying to make money online since more than a year and still no revenue? Read this NOW!
  26. Making money online is not an art – it’s a science. Here is why you’re failing.
  27. The 9 reasons why your website is not making any money
  28. Here is why you don’t make money online (and how to fix it)
  29. How to earn a full income in 24 months with no prior writing experience
  30. The 9 questions you need to answer if you want to make money online
  31. Make these 9 mistakes and your side project will never make money
  32. Make these 9 monetization mistakes and you’ll never make money online
  33. Trying to make money online? Here is everything you should know about monetization
  34. 9 mistakes every newbie blogger makes while trying to make money online
  35. Website monetization: you’re doing it wrong
  36. These 9 questions about monetization are worth 12 months of your time (and $20K). But here they are, free.
  37. Old-school affiliate marketing is dead. To earn money online, try this instead.
  38. Why seasonal topics suck (for a first blog)
  39. The dirty truth no digital marketer tells you about picking a niche
  40. If monetizing a blog was easy, everybody would start one. Here is a shortcut to make money with your website.
  41. Let go of the shiny object syndrome and focus on a monetization strategy that works
  42. The only monetization strategy worth pursuing for your blog
  43. Pick a niche and don’t screw up. If you do, you’ll work for months and never earn money.
  44. It’s still possible to earn money online in 2019. Unless you do these 9 fatal mistakes.
  45. The 9 mistakes I made while trying to monetize my first website
  46. How I lost 4 months by writing content for a dead niche
  47. Why I abandoned my first, second and third niche site ideas
  48. I couldn’t make money with my first 3 blogs. Here is everything I learned about website monetization.
  49. The hardest lesson I learned while trying to monetize my first website
  50. I thought I had found a profitable niche. I lost time and money instead.
  51. Pick the right niche for your website, or die trying
  52. Too broad, too bland or too cheap: beware of how you choose your blog’s niche
  53. Not all niches are created equal: the 9-point checklist to make money online
  54. The 9 characteristics of niche websites that make money
  55. How to monetize a blog: the ultimate guide
  56. 9 mistakes to absolutely avoid when monetizing your first (or next) website
  57. The beginner’s guide to monetizing a website
  58. Ads, affiliate marketing or info product? How to monetize a blog.
  59. Here is why I abandoned 3 websites (before making any money)
  60. Monetization lessons learned from building 3 unprofitable websites
  61. Here is everything I learned while trying to monetize my 3 first websites
  62. Website monetization fails: why you’ll never make money with your blog
  63. These blogs that never make money
  64. Why most blogs never make money
  65. Why monetizing your website will fail (and what to do instead)
  66. 9 rookie mistakes when monetizing your first website
  67. Watch this video before picking your first niche
  68. Watch this video before monetizing your website
  69. Don’t pick a niche site idea before watching this video!
  70. Write content then try to monetize it? It’s the other way around!
  71. Give your website a fighting chance by asking your these 9 crucial monetization questions
  72. 9 ways your website could never generate any revenue
  73. How to PROPERLY monetize a website (it took me 2 years to figure this out!)
  74. 9 misconceptions about monetizing a blog
  75. 9 questions every pro digital marketer asks before building a website
  76. 9 questions about monetization you must answer before starting a website
  77. Pick a niche that will earn you an income the first time
  78. I failed at monetizing my first 3 niche websites, so you don’t have to
  79. Here is why I failed at monetizing my first 3 websites
  80. Trying to monetize your blog? Ignore this video at your own risk.
  81. Finding a niche that makes money is hard. Here is how to do it.
  82. Why your website will never make any money
  83. How to choose a niche that you can monetize right away
  84. If I only I knew about monetization when I started…
  85. The truth about website monetization
  86. Monetizing your website is not about slapping affiliate links and pray. Here is a better strategy.
  87. My fail-proof monetization strategy to make money online
  88. My fail-proof strategy to finding a profitable niche
  89. The ultimate guide to finding a profitable niche
  90. How to find a profitable niche and make money online in under 3 months
  91. How to find a profitable niche and not screw up with these 9 simple questions
  92. 9 essential steps to finding a profitable niche
  93. Found a profitable niche idea? Ask yourself these 9 crucial monetization questions!
  94. Why most niches are not profitable (and how to find one)
  95. My first 3 websites were not profitable. Here is why.
  96. Why 98.7% of all websites never make any money
  97. The riches are in the niches: why picking the right niche is so important
  98. Why your niche is not profitable (and how to find one)
  99. Give me 30 minutes of your time and I’ll make you find a profitable niche
  100. You can find a profitable niche in 30 minutes with these 9 simple questions

PS: 9 is an arbitrary number, I don’t know how many points there will be in the final article/video.

Completed in 57:13 (in 2 sittings)

How It Felt

I was on FIRE (the first 20 headlines were pretty bad, though).

I hit tiny plateau around headline #80, but rapidly got back on track

There are a lot of winners here…

Specifically #87 through #95. They have that strong “catchy template” vibe going on, but I think they’re the best of the bunch.

I’ll just have to write the article first because I don’t know if I’m gonna push the monetization side, or the profitable niche side.

I guess you’ll see when it’s out 🙂

What I Learned

  • YouTube videos can get away with more clickbaity titles (specifically if you’re targeting the algorithm, and not the search engine)
  • Shorter headlines feel more impactful (even if you can “convince more” with longer ones)
  • I’m always amazed at how I can find 100 headlines for the exact same article – I’ll never say I have no idea ever again!

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