last minute mugshot

Last-Minute Mugshot

by Alessandro Perta

Yesterday, my best friend called me to take a picture of him in a hurry.

He needed it quickly for an upcoming event.

While on the road to get to our shooting spot, I thought that this could be a cool niche for a photographer – and a cool business, too:

Offer portraits for professionals (C suite executives, artists…. you name it) who need communication material at the last minute.

last minute mugshot

(This can only work in big cities, obviously. For a premium, obviously too.)

The name of the company: Last-Minute Mugshot.

This is my attempt to find a headline/slogan for this imaginary company.

The Headlines

  1. That 8-year old picture just won’t do
  2. 1 phone call. 1 hour. 1 professional mugshot.
  3. Call us. Then let us make you look your best.
  4. News travel fast. Be ready with a current mugshot.
  5. When news travel fast and you have to look good
  6. Look current, not dated
  7. Your mugshot is your best business card. Always have one ready.
  8. For when you get a new haircut
  9. That new haircut needs a new portrait – now
  10. New haircuts, meet new portraits
  11. Don’t get arrested at the customs because of an old crusty portrait
  12. Recommended by customs services all around the globe
  13. Need to take off tomorrow with a brand new passport? Let us shoot you.
  14. Don’t create a mismatch between how you look on a picture and in real-life
  15. Real-life portraits for real-life situations
  16. Make people recognize you instantaneously
  17. The you today looks so much better
  18. Crisis photography for crisis communication
  19. When you need a picture for yesterday
  20. Need a picture of you TODAY? Challenge accepted!
  21. When you forgot you had to have a mugshot
  22. We shoot, edit and deliver your portrait in 2 hours
  23. Get a picture of you in the blink of an eye
  24. In the blink of an eye
  25. Mugshot specialists for busy people
  26. Efficient portrait shooters for busy professionals
  27. We come, we shoot, you look good.
  28. Your portrait delivered in 2 hours, or your money back
  29. Our professional photographers can shoot you fast
  30. Get shot fast
  31. Time flies. We shoot faster.
  32. When times seems to fly, we freeze it for you
  33. Last-minute portraits for last-minute appointments
  34. How to look good in 2 hours without ruining your schedule
  35. We fit in your schedule, no matter what
  36. We shoot great portraits, no matter what
  37. So quick the SWAT get trained with us
  38. The SWAT can’t shoot faster than us
  39. We are picture snipers
  40. We snipe portraits
  41. Portrait snipers for hectic professionals
  42. Hectic schedules, meet professional portraits
  43. Pose for 5 minutes: you look good
  44. You’ll only have to clear 5 minutes of your schedule
  45. Give us 5 minutes of your schedule, and you’ll get a great mugshot today
  46. We make you look good fast
  47. The fast way to get the perfect mugshot
  48. Corporate portraits shot fast
  49. When it’s time to communicate fast, shoot fast too
  50. Don’t let last-minute communication make you look bad
  51. Last-minute communication is a thing. Last-minute portrait shooting, too.
  52. Get a professional portrait faster than you would take a selfie
  53. What’s the point of taking selfies anymore?
  54. Sorry, Mr last-minute CEO – a selfie won’t cut it
  55. Last-minute portraits for last-minute CEOs
  56. Can’t manage an agenda? We got you covered.
  57. Professional photographers for agenda-full executives
  58. We make your janitor’s room look like a photo studio
  59. Look good, anytime, anywhere.
  60. Do you hate when photo shoots take AGES? We do too.
  61. Highly organized photographers for highly disorganized professionals
  62. Your work life is a mess. Let us make it look good in minutes.
  63. Who wants to have a great portrait NOW?
  64. When you wish you had a better picture of yourself… quickly
  65. Look good, now
  66. We shoot faster than a crisis arises
  67. For when the crisis arises
  68. Great portrait for times of crisis
  69. You never looked so good during a crisis
  70. “Not having the time” is not an excuse anymore to have a proper portrait
  71. Don’t have an hour for a portrait? Neither do we!
  72. The fastest, best looking selfie you’ve ever taken
  73. Manager assistants: we got you covered
  74. Stop blinking, we’re busy shooting you!
  75. No need to plan ahead – get a great-looking portrait today
  76. How to get the perfect portrait in an hour without planning ahead
  77. Life is full surprises. Don’t let them make you look bad.
  78. Life doesn’t wait for you to look good… but you will anyway!
  79. Look good when you least expect it
  80. Studio photographers HATE our mugshot shooting service!
  81. If you hate photoshoots, you’ll love working with us
  82. Our photoshoots are so fast you wish they would last longer
  83. Who needs a slow corporate photographer anymore?
  84. In and out of your office in 1 hour sharp.
  85. You look good today!
  86. We make you look good every day!
  87. Today is a perfect day for a photoshoot
  88. We shoot 24/7
  89. 24/7 portrait photographers, ready to shoot
  90. Ready to shoot
  91. Located in downtown NYC? We can shoot you within 60 minutes.
  92. “I called them at 9:30AM. By 11:00AM, I had a professional portrait ready to send to the press.”
  93. Make the journalists’ job easier and send them a current portrait today
  94. How you look today, delivered today
  95. Your portrait, shot today, delivered today.
  96. How you look today
  97. We make you look good with 5 snaps – not 500.
  98. Look good in 1 snap.
  99. 1 snap – that’s all we need to make you look good.
  100. When a 500-snap photoshoot won’t do, call Last-Minute Mugshot
  101. Don’t choose – order 1 portrait session, get 5 killer mugshots

Completed in 45:39 (in 2 sittings).

How It Felt

It felt great!

I think I wrote some pretty cool headlines without thinking too much – no templates needed.

The USP is so crazy obvious that ideas just rushed.

What I Learned

  • After I hit a first plateau at headline #50, I immediately read what I did from the beginning and got more ideas that I wrote down immediately. This lead to 19 more headlines without sweating.
  • At headline #69, I had no more ideas so took a break immediately. This helped as the second batch was almost as easy as the first one. As such:
  • Trying to push to find ideas when I hit a plateau just doesn’t work for me. I need breaks.

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