Descripture (#instagramdown)

by Alessandro Perta

On June 3, 2019, I posted my first picture ever on the Misfit Hustler Instagram account.

Also, it was the day when Instagram decided to go down (along with Facebook and WhatsApp):

Perfect day to start an Instagram profile, right? #instagramdown #irony

The brand new Misfit Hustler Instagram profile looked like this:



So I decided to write headlines for Descripture*, a hypothetical app / social network where all you can do is describe pictures – not post them.

(*a contraction of Describe and Picture.)

That’s right: all you have is words.

Don’t ask why… I just wanted something fun to work on today.

Something weird and unexpected.

This will do!

The Headlines

  1. Selfies not allowed
  2. Say something smart, for once!
  3. No, it’s not always about your duck face.
  4. Describe me something beautiful
  5. Tired of filters? What about tired of pictures?
  6. Words is all you need to paint a great picture
  7. Where influencers tell stories
  8. Show it with words
  9. Tell, do not show
  10. This app is so lightweight all you need is 3G
  11. CDNs? What’s that?
  12. The app for those who can’t snap a picture
  13. If you never felt comfortable in front of the camera, you’ll love this social network
  14. Describe a world nobody ever saw… including you
  15. Be imaginative, describe what’s in your head
  16. Mental pictures are powerful
  17. Tell a good story, describe a mental picture
  18. Your life looks so much better when nobody can’t see it!
  19. Your personal journal, rebooted
  20. Memories look always better than reality
  21. Words are beautiful
  22. Let’s bring back poetry
  23. Describe an imaginary scenery, just for the sheer pleasure of it
  24. Your imagination is way more beautiful than a picture
  25. Photographers HATE this app!
  26. Twitter is way too crowded with images? Try Descripture.
  27. Who needs images?
  28. Images? What for?
  29. Regain your attention span
  30. Millennials actually love reading!
  31. What if you could only share your experiences with words?
  32. Share your life with words
  33. Share it with words
  34. Words, what else?
  35. This post may only contain words
  36. This post may contain a good story
  37. When life’s ugly, tell a beautiful story
  38. Tell a picture
  39. Let’s bring back the original Twitter
  40. Post status updates like it’s 2006
  41. Finally a way to share about you in public and not feel awkward
  42. Stop scrolling. Start reading.
  43. Show your truth with words
  44. Copywriters’ favorite social network
  45. Never quite felt at home on Instagram? Introducing Descripture.
  46. Make others jealous of your life… with words
  47. Write it until you make it
  48. Your lambos are useless, sorry!
  49. Words. Words everywhere.
  50. No need to show to inspire
  51. Inspire with words
  52. What if you could not see? What would you tell the world?
  53. Tell the world
  54. Where storytellers are made
  55. The storytellers factory
  56. We are words
  57. Choose your font. Craft your message.
  58. Write it out loud
  59. Close your eyes and write what you see
  60. No camera? No problem.
  61. The world of typography
  62. Lifestyle with substance
  63. The social network for thought-leaders
  64. Influence with your words
  65. Nothing to see here
  66. Imagine with others’ words
  67. Imagine with words
  68. How to get 100K followers with no camera
  69. Pictures are so 2018!
  70. If you could send your 15 year-old a letter, what would it say?
  71. Write for you own posterity
  72. Words fly away, writings remain
  73. The writing is on your wall
  74. Picture it with words
  75. Depict your reality
  76. Emotions through words
  77. Words eyes view
  78. See it with words
  79. #nofiller
  80. Change the way you share your life for ever
  81. Writing is back in fashion
  82. When the spotlight is taken away from you, all you have to do is shine with words
  83. Shine, write like a diamond
  84. Write me something beautiful
  85. Draw with words
  86. This brand new social network will scare the hell out of you!
  87. Empty messages meet thumbs down
  88. Powerful messages never go out of style
  89. Pictures fade but words are eternal
  90. The showoffs showdown
  91. Describe a picture worth reading about
  92. Pictures worth reading
  93. Words worth contemplating
  94. Your life is exceptional – write
  95. The scenery between the words
  96. Written pixels that inspire
  97. Texties is the new black
  98. The social network where we all compete with the same weapons: words
  99. Words are enough
  100. Words worth writing

Completed in 53:00 (in 2 sittings).

How It Felt

It felt very good, especially the last 25.

Funny and interesting at the same time – I think I might have thing for misfit projects 😉

These headlines are more like taglines, but that was more or less the point.

I hit a small plateau around headline #65, so I stopped right away and got back to it later.

This seems to work as I was faster than when I hit my first plateaus.

Ideas pop up during breaks!

What I Learned

  • made-up projects work just as well as real-life products / services
  • the shorter headlines, the more powerful!
  • (service) disruptions make for great business ideas

PS: Instagram is back up as I’m finished writing this!

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